Shunte Gamble


One-on-One Coaching purposed to help you take your vision from concept to creation.

Starting a business is an amazing start on a journey that has all the potential to positively impact the lives you encounter!

I remember many long nights spent researching how to start my first business, unanswered questions to challenges I faced, and the task of going back to the drawing board to redesign concepts. The process can be overwhelming. I want to help you bring your business dreams into your current space.

Together, we will define your business vision and goals by targeting your why, what, and how at your current stage. From there we will develop a plan of action through actionable goal setting designed to take your business from concept into creation.

I have created a Blueprint designed to outline your process. I will share strategies during our Q&A sessions to help you overcome challenges and achieve your business goals.

What is The Blueprint?

Purposed to shift your mindset to grow your business. Together we will:

  • Review your current business set up: people, processes, systems, products, services, marketing, pricing and more
  • Target your vision
  • Tackle the current challenges you're facing
  • Create a fresh system through actionable goal setting 
  • Identify short term and long terms goals
  • Position you to work "on" your goals

How will The Blueprint Help?

  • Empowers you to think beyond current challenges and creatively
  • Provides accountability to help maintain your focus on getting results
  • Empowers you to lean on your positive attributes and modify any negative attributes
  • Tracks your successes and help you learn from mistakes
  • Access to my knowledge and experience 
  • Provides mentor support for you throughout your journey

Why should I have a coach?

  1. YOU have full access to my knowledge and experience. 
  2. YOU have an accountability partner. 
  3. YOU will be more productive.
  4. YOU gain business confidence. 
  1.  I will share my insight with you so that you can build a business with a solid foundation. 
  2. I will help you be effective by identifying the vital tasks you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals.
  3. I will empower you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, be a soundboard, and help you problem-solve the priorities and challenges you face.
  4. I will help you balance your failures and successes in a healthy perspective that empowers higher business confidence.

What clients are saying!

Throughout the session things changed, Shunte provided exceptional tools and plans of action to enable successful growth for my business to grow. Working with Blueprint Coaching, I was able to articulate a clear vision for my brand The Fights Within, LLC. Her techniques allow my strengths to be realized, and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I highly recommend Blueprint for Life Coaching and Mentoring. 

 M. Obas

Shunte has a bubbly personality. She is very easy to talk to and laid back. She makes you feel at ease and is very knowledgeable on the subject matter. I will most certainly do another coaching session with Shunte in the near future. I will also recommend her coaching to anyone wanting to start up or succeed in your business practice. 

Blueprint Discovery Session Client

Shunte opened my eyes to the different ways I can expand my company and increase my revenue without going out and spending a dime at the moment. The hard truth. The way she was able to dig in and challenge me to make the changes immediately going further. I will make sure I put more structure into my business to ensure its success. 

Blueprint Discovery Session Client

Discovery Session

Challenges arise at a moments notice. 

In a Discovery Session, Shunte's  goal is to discover 

your current challenges and what you want to see happen next. 



Podcasting is a great way to reach people beyond your community.

It is a great tool to empower, inspire, or entertain. 

Shunte will help you create a blueprint that aligns your vision and mission with your message and delivery.

She will help you navigate areas of growth.


Speaking Events


Passionate and funny in her delivery, Shunte is on a mission to be an effective catalyst for change through her practical approach to pursuing one’s life goals. She has influenced many lives through her content rich messages filled with experience, loss, and success. Her high energy keeps audiences engaged as she encourages, equips, and empowers those within her reach.