Shunte Gamble

Mixed Talk Media

I founded Mixed Talk Media in 2020. MTM is divided into three entities; Mixed Talk Studio, Mixed Talk Radio, and Mixed Talk Magazine. Mixed Talk Media, serves to be a platform for professionals and a voice of empowerment. I believe in building a thriving global community.

Mixed Talk Radio mixes it up, 24/7, with smooth jams along with a variety of talk shows that cover real life.  

Mixed Talk Magazine spotlights brands, community events, and professionals.

On a Mission to Give Back

We've got BIG Fundraising 4 Hope goals for 2021!

In order to reach these goals, we need your help.

  • We aim to offer free events/training for creators.
  • We aim to offer affordable advertising rates.
  • We aim to offer access to our affordable podcasting studio rates where entrepreneurs can create.
  • We aim to build a global network of Mixed Talk Radio Hosts.

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