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Podcasting Pro Courses

I make launching easy! 

Starting a podcast is a great way to reach people beyond your community. It is a great tool to empower, inspire, or entertain a global audience. I will help you create a blueprint that aligns your vision and mission with your message and delivery.

I understand being at the starting line with more questions than answers. I designed The Blueprint to help podcasters start their journey equipped with the tools to build a solid platform. 

Who says you have to wait to celebrate?

My Podcasting Pro Courses are structured so you can launch with confidence! Who says you have to wait to celebrate?

The Podcasting Pro Courses breaks building and launching into actionable goal-based modules. Complete a module; celebrate!

Join the Podcasting Pro Community for great tools that help you save time and energy while creating your podcast. 


(4) Weekly 50 Minute Sessions

4 Part Podcast Development





Podcasting Pro Guides:

-Module 1: Build

-Module 2: Brand

-Module 3: Format, Equipment and Show Materials

-Module 4: Bank

*PDFs are included.

BONUS Podcasting Pro Resources

-The Blueprint Show Planner

Sound Familiar? 

"How do I turn my

 idea into a podcast?"

"Where should

I host my podcast?"

"What equipment 

should I use?"

"How do I record my podcast interviews?"

"How can I 

monetize my podcast?"

"How do I edit 

my podcast shows?"

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In Depth, Step-by-Step, Self Paced Course for Building and Launching your Podcast.

What's Inside!

Module 1- Build

Get clear about WHY you want to start a podcast.

• (1) My Why Message Sheet from Shunte

• (1) My Why Story Board

• (3) My Why Note sheets

• (1) Framing Purpose Note Sheet

• (1) Ideal Listener Profile

• (1) Creative Space Sheet

Module 2-Name & Cover Art

This module will help you gain clarity about your brand’s identity. This will help you build brand authority in the podcasting community.

• (2) Brand Identity Message Sheets from Shunte

• (3) Brand Identity Organizers

• (5) Cover Art Goal Sheets

• (1) Posting Best Practice Sheet

• (2) Creative Space Sheets

Module 3-Format, Equipment and Show Materials

This module will go over the pros and cons covering a variety of formats to help you choose the perfect one for your podcast.

• (4) Pros and Cons Informational Sheets

• (1) Pros and Cons Note Sheet

• (1) Equipment Checklist

• (1) Actionable Goal Organizer

• (3) Show Material Checklists

• (3) Show Material Organizers

• (2) Creative Space Sheets

Book Support!

Work one-on-one with Shunte Gamble! 

What's Inside!

(4) Weekly 50 Minute Sessions

4 Part Podcast Development





Podcasting Pro Guides:

-Module 1: Build

-Module 2: Brand (Name & Cover Art)

-Module 3: Format, Equipment and Show Materials

-Module 4: Bank

*PDF version included.

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EASY Way to Organize EACH Episode. Over 50 Pages for up to 30 Episodes. 

What's Inside!

Show Calendar (1 )

Episode Overview Pages (30)

BONUS- Reflection Pages (30)

I want a copy!

Step-by-Step Overview purposed to show you how to build and launch your Podcast. 

What's Inside!

Part 1- Purpose (Printable PDF)

Part 2-Planning (Printable PDF)

Part 3- Preparation(Printable PDF)

Part 4 BONUS- Reflection (Printable PDF)