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Let's Talk Life XL Radio Show with MTM Founder Shunte Gamble

Ever wondered if there was more to life? Yep! THAT feeling. Let's Talk Life XL Show talks about life as it is; the good, the bad, and the funny. Shunte and her guests share their life’s experiences through personal stories of authenticity, success, failure, and the funny. Shunte is on a mission to cheer on those who wear many hats.

May Conversations

May 1st- Alexis Harrold 

May 8th- Cynterea Avery

May 15th- Kieasha Hill

May 22nd William Matthews

May 29th- William Matthews 

Season 4 Episodes 

Guest: Alexis Harrold


(S4) Episode 15- Business Boss | Alexis Harrold

In this episode I talk to the 2021 Winner of my magazine's, Mixed Talk Magazine, Cover Winner Alexis Harrold. We get into the essentials of being a true boss and it's not what you think!

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Guest: LaVonia Tryon


Bio: LaVonia R. Tryon is an Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Counselor. LaVonia is Founder of But-I-FLY Ministries – a Movement dedicated to transforming peoples’ perspectives; giving

them the courage to not just get through life- BUT to Fly through it, rising to all that God has called them to be. LaVonia journeys together with you in weekly focus calls and individualized counseling and mentorship. Her goal is to mobilize a generation of Singles to fully actualize all that is locked in this Season. 

(S4) Episode 14- Business Boss | LaVonia Tryon

You have to take the risks WITH the rewards! LaVonia Tryon and I share our take on gaining wisdom for risks that are required before success is achieved. 

Episode Highlights 




-The Real about running a successful business

Guest: Tiara Matthews


(S4) Episode 13- Business Boss | Tiara Matthews

Challenges, ups and downs, and all that life can throw at us will test how bad we want progress. Tiara Matthews and I share our journey to pacing progress and business successes.

Episode Highlights



-The Real about running a success business

Guest: Sonia Pelton-Sam


(S4) Episode 12- Business Boss | Sonjia Pelton-Sam

Challenges, ups and downs, and all that life can throw at us will test how bad we want progress. Greta Douglas and I share our journey to inner progress and business successes.

Episode Highlights

-Inner Work


-The Real about running a success business


Guest: Greta Douglas


(S4) Episode 11- Business Boss | Greta Douglas

Challenges, ups and downs, and all that life can throw at us will test how bad we want progress. Greta Douglas and I share our journey to inner progress and business successes.

Episode Highlights

-Inner Work


-The Real about running a success business


Guest: Andrena Phillips

BIO: Andrena Phillips, CEO & Founder of KeepMovinWithAndrena, LLC is a dynamic Master Life Strategist (Personal Development). Motivational Speaker & Published Author. Andrena helps women by empowering, inspiring and transforming them to rebuild their lives with confidence, healing from their past and moving forward from stagnation to standing tall in their greatness. Own your greatness: it's your birthright!


(S4) Episode 10- Dump the Baggage | Low Self-Esteem

Confidence is key! However, it is also a skill best practiced through daily acts of self-love and care. Andrena Phillips and I open the conversation of dumping the baggage of low self-esteem. We share the experiences that have challenged and empowered us to see ourselves from a healthy perspective.

Episode Highlights

-Identifying the underlying event/situation

-Embracing Change

-Growth Mindset



Guest: Jesus Campa

BIO: Jesus Eddie Campa is an internationally recognized expert on Leadership, Law Enforcement, and Security. Through the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), Jesus Eddie Campa is a National and International Certified Instructor. Jesus Eddie Campa holds a master's degree in Criminal Justice and Security Administration and is currently working on a PH.D. in Public Service Leadership. He is the owner of both Americas Best Strategic Security Group and Leading Through Adversity.


(S4) Episode 9- Dump the Baggage | Bitterness

Bitterness has one job; steal the joy that could be. Attacking the root of bitterness will open our lives to great love, opportunities, and people. Jesus Campa and I open the conversation of dumping the baggage of bitterness. We talk candidly about the ups and downs that challenged our interpersonal growth.

Episode Highlights

-Identifying Triggers & Patterns




Guest: Jenneter Brooks

BIO: Jenneter Brooks is a sister, aunt, friend, entrepreneur, and most important, a child of God. She is a successful business owner and has garnered success and recognition in several industries. She currently serves on the Prayer team and serves as a Small Group Leader at her local ministry. Jenneter Brooks is a native of Mobile, Alabama, and currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.


(S4) Episode 8- Dump the Baggage | Guilt

Jenneter Brooks and I open the conversation of dumping the baggage of guilt that keeps us from showing up 100%. 

Episode Highlights

-Forgiving yourself and others

-Accept you were wrong

-Making changes

-Letting go

-Learning from mistakes


Anthony & Josefina Thomas

Jonathan Rivera


(S4) Episode 7- Dump the Baggage | Worry

Life can shift in the blink of an eye. Unexpected challenges can test our resolve. Jonathan Rivera, Anthony and Josefina Thomas, and I open the conversation of dumping the baggage of worry that holds us back. The digressions were insightful! 

*Thank you for listening and watching despite some technical difficulties during this show.

Episode Highlights

-Identifying the current challenge or problem

-The traps of worry (frustration, doubt, low self-esteem)

-The Power in embracing uncertainty

-Strategies: Talking it out, journaling, etc.

Guest: Tammie Francisque

BIO: Tammie Francisque was born and raised in New York City. As the youngest of four, Tammie benefited greatly from observing the life experiences of the women in her life, especially her mother and three sisters. In a turbulent environment, Tammie grew up quickly and learned to fend for herself in many ways. Images of womanhood, motherhood, and self-empowerment were being shaped in her mind, and she made the conscious decision to take responsibility for shaping her own future.


(S4) Episode 6- The Level UP | Build & Birth

Leveling up is a choice. A choice that may be required throughout a day. Whenever we take the steps to build and birth, we open the possibilities life can provide. When we stick to it, the dreams we build will manifest! Tammie Francisque and I talk about the process of building and birthing.

Episode Highlights

-Planning for success

-Patience with your process

-Harvest (Manifestation of the promise/goal)

-Endurance Aborting the Process Quitting too Soon

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Guest Alexis Harrold

BIO: My name is Alexis Harrold I am originally from Natchitoches, La. I currently live in the Houston, TX area. I am married to Reginald Harrold. We have 2 children Jordan and Joi Harrold. I am an entrepreneur and I work full-time.


(S4) Episode 5- Level UP | Dream Again

Life happens to us all. Seasons change, disappoints creeps in, or all hope seems to flee. What now? Contrary to how things may look or feel, this is the perfect time for a new beginning! Alexis Harrold and I talk about taking another chance and the blessings that follow.

Episode Highlights


-Trusting in the Source

-Using Failure for Success

-Over Personalization

-Traps of Perfectionism

-Champion Attitude

Guest Gabriel Harrell

BIO: I was raised in a single parent home. With no father figure my development as a man was lacking. I found a mentor that changed my life. God opened my eyes to the deficiencies in manhood and challenged me to act. I accepted.


(S4) Episode 4-Goal Digger | Be Great

We are all built to be great. However, the choice to be great remains ours to make. What if there is more to be experienced or to be had? I believe, wholeheartedly, there is nothing wrong with wanting all that life has to offer. With balance, the right heart positioning, and the mental fortitude to see things through, we can tap into buried blessings. They are waiting for us. Gabriel Harrell and I talk about being unashamedly great!

Episode Highlights


-Thinking Big




Guest: Dr. Toscha Lee Dickerson

BIO: Dr. Toscha Dickerson is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Author, Professor, Mentor, Founder of S.T.R.E.S.S.O.U.T., Founder and C.E.O. of Dickerson Management & Associates, LLC, and Co-Founder of C.E.O. Leadership & Training Academy.


(S4) Episode 3- Goal Digger | Mindset 

I love this quote. “It’s not how good you are; it’s how good you want to be.” Our culture emphasizes talent over being. I have run the “rat-race” trying to DO more instead of growing to BE more. When we put in the effort to grow, we will naturally do more. It all starts in the mind. Dr. Toscha Lee Dickerson and I talk growth and the process.

Episode Highlights

-Embracing Imperfections

-Learning and Relearning

-Taking Risks

-Celebrating Small Successes 

Guest: Andrew Landry

Company: Where Men Hurt


(S4) Episode 2- Goal Digger | My Why

What truth do you fall back on when times get tough? A solid foundation is needed for anything you are building. Your why is crucial for the weathering life provides. Andrew Landry, founder of Where Men Hurt, and I discuss why our WHY is so important.

Episode Highlights

-Clarifying your Why

-Faith is not denial

-Temporary Seasons

Co-Host: Faye Carter 

Company: Faye Carter Ministries


(S4) Episode 1- Goal Digger | It's Time

Your pivot will pay off. Even though 2020 gave us a new normal, it did not take the promises of a great future from any of us. My mom and I, The Double Dose squad, share our honest reflections and truths.

Episode Highlights: