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Step-by-Step Overview purposed to show you how to build and launch your Podcast.


What's Inside!

Part 1- Purpose (Printable PDF)

Part 2-Planning (Printable PDF)

Part 3- Preparation(Printable PDF)

Part 4 BONUS- Reflection (Printable PDF)

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EASY Way to Organize EACH Episode. Over 50 Pages for up to 30 Episodes.

What's Inside!

Show Calendar (1 )

Episode Overview Pages (30)

BONUS- Reflection Pages (30))


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In Depth, Step-by-Step, Self Paced Course for Building and Launching your Podcast.

What's Inside!

Module 1: Build

-5 Videos & 1 Step-by-Step Printable PDF

Module 2: Brand

-5 Videos, 2 Printable PDF's & 1 Done for You Press Kit 

Module 3: Book

-3 Videos, 3 Printable PDFs & 1 Done for You Show Planner

Module 4: Bank

-1 Video, 1 Printable PDF & 2 Done for You Scripts

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